This page relates to a compulsory purchase order entitled the Birmingham City Council (The Axis Building, Holliday Street, City Centre) Compulsory Purchase Order 2018 made by Birmingham City Council.

The table below provides links to the list of documents from Section 16 of the Statement of Reasons.

BCC1 The Order
BCC2 Order Plan
BCC3 Statement of Reasons
BCC4 Decision Notice (Planning permission no. 2016/09735/PA)
BCC5 Section 106 agreement relating to the permission for One The Axis (Planning application no. 2016/09735)
BCC6 Committee Report (Planning application no. 2016/09735/PA)
BCC7 Decision Notice (Planning application no. 2017/01882/PA)
BCC8 Section 106 agreement relating to the permission for the wider Axis Site (Planning application no. 2017/01882/PA)
BCC9 Committee Report (Planning application no. 2017/01882/PA)
BCC10 National Framework Policy (2012)
BCC11 Birmingham Development Plan 2031
BCC12 Cabinet report and minutes of 13th February 2018 authorising the making of the order
BCC13 Axis Site Masterplan
BCC14 Location Plan
BCC15 Birmingham Office Market Report
BCC16 Birmingham City Centre Masterplan (2007)
BCC17 The Big City Plan City Centre Masterplan (July 2011)
BCC18 Birmingham's Sustainable Community Strategy: Birmingham 2026
BCC19 'Car Park Guidelines',(SPD)
BCC20 'Access for People with Disabilities' (SPD)
BCC21 'Lighting Places: A Lighting Strategy for the City Centre', (SPD)
BCC22 'Green Living Space Plan', (SPD)
BCC23 'Places for All' (SPD)
BCC24 'High Places: A Planning Policy Framework for Tall Buildings' (SPG)